September 17, 2010

The IE logo, the blue e

The IE Blog marketing machine spews forth:

We started by thinking about what the IE8 logo (and prior IE logos) mean to our customers. When we asked customers what they think of when they see our logo, we heard professional, trusted, and familiar.

Emphasis not mine.

Addendum: someone posts:

Offtopic snarky comment: Removing the progress bar from the status bar is deranged and criminal. Please bring it back in the next release. This is why Windows XP and IE8 was last good pieces of software. Microsoft removes features like a fad. What a complete joke IE9 UI is. Trading features for sake of minimalism. Status bar can be turned on but it doesn’t have the progress bar. I feel like shooting the GUI people.

Exactly how I feel about every browser’s desperate attempts to shed every pixel of interface.

Meanwhile, inside the article under the heading “Blue e = Internet”:

[…] The IE logo is well known as the way to the web. Internet cafés around the world use the IE logo on their signage to invite people in. Some of our teammates have snapped photos while passing cafés during their travels. The IE logo is right on the front of the buildings! It’s always fun to see that to many people, the blue e means the Internet.

The emphasis, this time, is definitely mine.

Sometimes I wonder where corporations like Microsoft get employees so steadfastly blind to the world outside the corporate product line. What kind of thought process genuinely leads a person to believe it’s good to encourage monopolistic control of a market, especially when history not five years gone tells a story of stagnated innovation and crippling compatibility problems? Having delivered such an appalling seven years of stagnation to web developers worldwide with IE6, maybe Microsoft should educate their marketing department on that period so that they chose their words wisely instead of appearing as brainless corporate blogging automata blind to basic history and oblivious to their target audience’s general dislike of their monopolistic tendencies.

tldr;: Don’t post about how great it is that you ran a monopoly to the people whose lives were adversely affected by it. Duh.

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September 12, 2010

Sonic Colours

This trailer makes me want to end it all. Sonic Team will never learn. Seriously, make a 2D game. 2D! With the characters from Sonic 2! No more stupid side quests, no more random quirky characters, no more guessing which direction the camera will move in next.

The government should step in and regulate this company.

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September 11, 2010


Holy shit, Edward O’Connor read my mind.

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September 10, 2010

Breaking news advertisements

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September 9, 2010



I am an HTML author since 1994, a JS & PHP programmer, and a teacher in those three fields. I will use this feature. My students are excited about this feature. This feature is easy to use, cleanly solves a common need in Content Management Systems and other web apps, is backwards-compatible with existing user agents, greatly improves accessibility by allowing user agents to adjust the picker for OS-native accessibility settings and tools, works in restricted environments where JavaScript support isn’t available, and can be overridden by specialised JavaScript libraries should advanced functionality be required. Oh yes, sure, remove the feature. Brilliant.

Can I file a Change Proposal to remove the Shelley section from the HTML Working Group? This section consistently goes against real-world use cases, wastes reader CPU cycles with needless verbiage and appears to be ignored by implementers.

Every time I open my HTMLWG mail folder I’m reminded as to why the practical technical discussion is held on WHATWG.

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September 4, 2010

Hilarious: News.com.au classed as ‘adult website’ in audit of politicians’ internet use

No comment; the article itself is more than enough.

Both news.com.au and smh.com.au were classified as adult sites in the audit.

The definition of what has been classed as an adult site is something we’re reviewing,” [Legislative Council president Amanda Fazio] said.

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