December 6, 2010

A Quick Guide to Ineffectively Downplaying Wikileaks

Robert Gibbs, US Presidential Press Secretary:

We should never be afraid of one guy who plopped down $35 and bought a web address. … Let’s not be scared of one guy with a laptop.

Julian Assange, in the Guardian Q&A:

The Cable Gate archive has been spread, along with significant material from the US and other countries to over 100,000 people in encrypted form. If something happens to us, the key parts will be released automatically. Further, the Cable Gate archives is in the hands of multiple news organisations. […]

The basic problem with Gibb’s assessment, along with Lieberman’s, is that they don’t understand the technology or the infrastructure involved in the Wikileaks effort. These are not dumb people easily swatted with a single favour from a US hosting service or political connection at ICANN. Any government bravado in this situation is at best pretence. And as for underlying message in Gibb’s statement — that we have nothing to fear — who said we do in the first place?

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