February 16, 2011

Oh Kotaku, how I miss your…

… content.

Wouldn’t be so bad if Gawker’s individual sites hosted the JS files since NoScript wouldn’t block everything by default. Did someone skip user-testing?

posted by Andrew

February 8, 2011

Updated semi-useful, half-done JavaScript 2D game engine (featuring Streets of Rage 2 characters)

New version’s up. It’s much more developed than when I last blogged about it, but there’s still plenty to do. I’ll write about it in detail later.

Great in: FF 4, Chrome 6+
Good in: FF 3.6 (a bit slow)
Dodgy in: Safari 4 (audio samples are always reloaded from the network, otherwise it’s ok), Opera 11 (input problems; the browser thinks the numpad keys are the same as the numbers above QWERTY).

posted by Andrew