Why hire Andrew to build your site?

  • 15 years experience with the web
  • Spectrum of skills, including logo design
  • Extensive knowledge of browsers
  • Strong usability & accessibility focus
  • Single contact for design & features
  • Fast turnaround from concept to launch
  • Proven & reliable support

I’ve been designing and building websites since 1993, starting in high school and moving into commercial work a few years later.

Alongside design, my major focuses are on usability and accessibility — creating standards-compliant sites that look great on multiple browsers such as Internet Explorer 6 & 7, Firefox 1.0+, Opera 8+ & Safari, while working just as well with screen-reading software and accessibility tools.

Click on a link or image below to view my work. If you have any questions about examples, pricing or quotes, feel free to contact me — I’d love the opportunity. Thanks!


Neverwinter Nights 2 Character Builder

A detailed character builder and database for the game Neverwinter Nights 2.

Built as the front-end for a complex programming experiment turned public website, I created this design from scratch with the exception of two background images taken from the source game. The site includes several sections that required adjusted layouts whilst maintaining overall design consistency.

I was responsible for the original graphics work in Photoshop and Illustrator, the structural code to create the distinct elements of the page, as well as the styling code that defines how the site appears in a range of browsers.

NWN2CB is standards compliant and conforms to accessibility guidelines with the exception of the Character Builder that requires extensive Javascript.

Firefox Chrome Opera Safari

As a professional in the web design field, I appeal to you to upgrade your browser.

The browser you’re using, Internet Explorer 6, was released in 2001. It suffers from a enormous amount of security and stability problems, lacks helpful features as such tabbed browsing and crash restore, and holds back web development by not supporting basic standards from 1996.

BrowseHappy can help you choose the browser that suits you best. Upgrading is easy, free and will make an enormous difference to your enjoyment of the web. You’ll even keep your IE favourites and history.

University of Western Sydney Library

A fresh, clean and inviting redesign with a focus on search and accessibility.

The UWS Library selected (TWEEK!) to redesign their homepage and secondary content pages with a focus on immediate search, ease of use and accessibility. I was contracted by (TWEEK!) to build the mockup images, template web pages and graphic resources required.

After consultation with the Library I finalised the design and delivered the complete package including the site templates, nineteen header images and six high-quality vector icons.

The UWS Library site is standards compliant and conforms to accessibility guidelines except where restricted by external legacy content.

3 Gen Creations

3 Gen Creations hand-craft homewares, jewellery and paper products.

My partner and I developed this site alongside 3 Gen’s business launch. It includes full shopping cart, membership, invoicing, administration and stock-control systems custom-built to requirements. Large parts of the system are re-usable for later projects.

I had full control of the site’s presentation along with some input on the business logo and the text used throughout the site. I took a very user-centric approach to the front page, with a direct purpose statement and immediate eye-catching content.

The 3 Gen is standards-compliant and conforms to AAA accessibility guidelines.

Corporate Risk Group Logos

CRG Australia required a crisp, professional logo suitable for screen, print and embroidery.

Under contract to 3 Gen Creations, my job was to design three of six logos to be presented to the client. I built three distinct logo styles — “aussie”, “corp” and “imagery” — and from those a series of colour, text position and iconography variations using a small set of CMYK colours.

The client chose one of the “corp” versions and we refined the logo using his feedback, adding the Southern Cross. The finished logo was delivered in six file formats with three colour variations.

Minchinbury Dental Care

MDC is a dental clinic serving the Minchinbury area.

This is the 2007 redesign of the original MDC site below.

I redesigned the site to handle the increased amount of content after a year’s worth of additions, simplified the navigation, and added more imagery provided by the clinic to catch the eye. White space was increased, and the content frame was made bolder with less “distraction” elements near the body text.

The feedback/question form was also beefed up, and now allows an image to be uploaded as part of the message.

The MDC site is standards-compliant and conforms to accessibility guidelines.

Upper Mountains Youth Services

UMYS is a support service and drop-in centre for youth in the Blue Mountains.

This was a team project involving Penny Haslop, Jesse Fisher and I. UMYS needed something youth-oriented, professional-looking and customisable to replace an aging site. We settled on WordPress for simplicity and portability; Penny worked with content and client liaison, Jesse created the visual design, and I constructed the WordPress template and styling.

The design includes extra shadow styling for Safari 3 and Opera 9, enhancing the design for those browsers without affecting others.

The UMYS site is standards-compliant and conforms to accessibility guidelines.

Due to UMYS merging with another youth service their website is no longer available, so the link above shows a picture of the site.

Hawkesbury Computer Solutions

HCS provides technical support and sale of hardware and software to the Hawkesbury region, Penrith and surrounding areas.

This is the first page where I used PHP to make the page updatable without wading through HTML. The owner needed a way to update the page easily, so the server-side script accesses a few files and builds the page dynamically.

The HCS site is standards-compliant and conforms to accessibility guidelines.


SilverswordDVD was involved with DVD production, mastering, and public marketing displays in Canberra.

I developed this site in mid-2000 after being contracted by the owner. I’ve since rebuilt it, since the original page contained a horrific number of kludges belonging the last generation of web content: table-reliant structure, <font> declarations everywhere, hacks for Netscape 4, spacer images… the list goes on.

SilverswordDVD shut shop a few months after the website was launched, but the design remains one of my favourites. Sadly, due to copyright issues, only the first page of the site is available.

The SilverswordDVD site is standards-compliant and conforms to accessibility guidelines.

Minchinbury Dental Care (original)

This is the original MDC site, designed in late 2005.

MDC wanted a smallish, “non-scrolling” site to detail their services — something light and friendly with clean presentation. We achieved that while still providing a lot of content and a feedback form built into the design for quick enquiries and comments.

The MDC (original) site is standards-compliant and conforms to accessibility guidelines.

Due to copyright restrictions the link above displays a picture of the original site.

A difference of layout Demo

This is a demo layout built during the holidays between teaching. What started as a rough test of a unique menu turned into a detailed design that used a lot of new graphical techniques.

The aim was to create something fresh and lively without becoming frenetic. The header is specifically styled to give an impression of morning crispness, when — as a friend put it — “the air is new”. There’s subtle shadows and texture everywhere to soften colour transitions and ensure the column layout isn’t dominant.

Many thanks to the photographers of the beautiful Creative Commons Flickr images (credited in the page). I plan to update this demo later with JS features and the unique menu dropdowns originally conceived (updated 2010 01 30).

A Difference of Layout is standards-compliant and conforms to accessibility guidelines.

Sans & Serif Demo

This is a demonstration page I designed and built while experimenting with Blueprint, a CSS “framework”.

There’s still a couple of additions I’d like to make, such as finding a good image to balance the right hand side (using the same “box-breaking” style as the left). The site works perfectly in all five major browsers, with Webkit & Opera 9.5 receiving extra styling such as shadows.

This is my first public page that uses Creative Commons imagery sourced from Flickr. Many thanks to the photographers credited in the page, and to the Blueprint team for making consistent vertical rhythm so easy. This demo will change over time to include new design elements (updated 2008 06 04).

The Sans & Serif demo site is standards-compliant and conforms to accessibility guidelines.

Test Design 26 Demo

I was browsing through some ancient mockup designs and tried mixing a few ideas together. This is the result around three hours later.

Re-using a border style was my first aim, then capping the content area with an an unusual footer and using large styled type for major elements. Touches of contrasting colour stand out against a muted background suitable for a corporate homepage or an arty blog with strong content imagery.

The design has extra styling visible in Opera 9.5 and Safari 3, looking best in the latter — beautiful text, a glowing header and subtle shadowing. This demo will probably receive additional polish (updated 2008 06 15).

The Test Design 26 demo site is standards-compliant and conforms to accessibility guidelines.

Café Nueve Demo

I created a basic mockup of this design along with a rough prototype about a year ago as part of a course. Another mockup was chosen but this remained my favourite.

The original design needed some serious loving; it’d been put together quickly as one of six mockups and lacked detail. The header bar, backgrounds and imagery were completely rebuilt for a semi-flexible width since the original “infinitely wide” concept didn’t work well visually.

As always, the site looks best in Webkit because of additional styling. I’ll probably add extra detail over time (updated 2008 07 02).

The Café Nueve demo site is standards-compliant and conforms to accessibility guidelines.

Cascading Style Sheets 3 Demo

This is a demonstration page using several new features of CSS3, including multi-column text, drop shadows and rounded corners.

As at 2008 03 16, Safari 3.1 comes closest to displaying it properly. Firefox 2 displays the page without many of the visual touches, and Firefox 3 without stylish first-lines and text & box shadows. Opera 9.5 shows many of the effects but without column layout. Internet Explorer 6 and 7 don’t support any of the new CSS3 features so while it displays something useable, it’s not very exciting.

See the reference image for how it’s supposed to look (screenshot from Safari 3.1, with one missing element photoshopped in). I plan to keep this demo page evolving as CSS3 support in browsers increases (updated 2008 03 16).

The CSS3 demo site is standards-compliant and conforms to accessibility guidelines.

Up to navigation

This page changes as projects are completed. I plan to also include example layouts and tests of technologies such as canvas and SVG.