CSS3 Features Playtest

This page demonstrates CSS3 multi-columns, rounded corners, text & box shadows, HSL/HSLA and RGB/RGBA colour selection, nth-* selectors, multiple backgrounds and CSS gradients, along with CSS2.1 opacity, positioned generated content, ::first-letter and ::first-line. PNG alpha-transparency is also demonstrated.

Note that some CSS3 features are still in Working Draft or experimental status (particularly border-radius, shadowing and gradients). Also, no selector exists for affecting individual columns or their contents, so there's no way to remove the right border from articles in the last column.

Browser results


Firefox 2 doesn't clip content to border-radius, support text-shadow, box-shadow, nth-* selectors or multiple backgrounds. Generated content cannot be floated or positioned. Occasionally column lengths are calculated incorrectly during reflow.

Generated content is great for quotes.

Firefox 3 doesn't support text-shadow (Bug 10713), box-shadow (Bug 212633), nth-* selectors (Bug 73575) or multiple backgrounds (Bug 322475). Generated content cannot be floated or positioned (Bug 238072). Column text flow is much improved and border-radius is now antialiased.

Safari 3.1 on Windows at the default text size/zoom level displays the page correctly with only a few exceptions. Relatively positioned elements inside a column layout (such as the floated quote boxes) reserve space in the correct column but draw in the first (Bug 14691). Zooming can trigger that bug on inline positioned elements. Images break across columns (to spec?). Box-shadows are clipped to a column's boundary (Bug 14137). Sometimes the bottom margin of an element in the previous column is applied to the top of the current column (Bug 17887).

Opera 9.22 Windows doesn't support multi-columns, text-shadow, box-shadow, HSL colour selection, border radius or multiple backgrounds.

Opera 9.5 Release Build 10063 doesn't support multi-columns, box-shadow, HSLA colour selection, border radius or multiple backgrounds, but does support text-shadow and HSL colour selection. Default glyphs used for generated open- and close-quote are different from Gecko and Webkit. Left and right borders disappear until the page is scrolled near the bottom.

Internet Explorer 6 SP1 doesn't support any of the CSS2 or CSS3 specifically tested. Lack of support for position:fixed and PNG alpha transparency renders the header and footer as opaque bars. Heading text is invisible (no HSL support).

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