A difference of layout

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Image attributions! Smiley courtesy the Crystal Icon project. Boxed images sourced from Flickr Creative Commons in article order: Sky Colors by Celsim, Spring Colors by Terren in Virginia, True colors by Adam Pniak, Small Flower Colors by Photos8.com, Colors of a flower by Photos8.com, Pick a color any color by trazomfreak, Colors of the Earth by tipiro, Art in colors by ishrona and Fall colors Sky Colors Spring Colors True Colors by skedonk. Birds in the sky 1 by Mihai Bojin as well as Geoff hip jump and Jon hip jump both by Courtney Nash became silhouettes. Thanks so much for making your awesome images available!

Small flower colors Colors of a flower Pick a color any color

Design details

This design took one sleepless night to build in Photoshop, then half of the following day to retone, adjust typefaces, polish subtle details and rewrite this text. The initial concept was to create a unique menu that broke away from the usual square dropdown. I just came into Photoshop to create a menu background, and the rest happened unintentionally.

Colors of the Earth Art in colors Fall colors

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