March 16, 2008

CSS3 Playtest updated

I’ve made con­sid­er­able changes to the CSS3 Playtest in my work area. Brows­er sup­port has improved for a lot of fea­tures, so I’ve added extra niceties to break con­sis­tent ren­der­ing across browsers. Off the top of my head I’ve added:

Webkit’s sup­port for CSS3 fea­tures like text and box shad­ows con­tin­ues to make me hap­py, and the Apple-style font ren­der­ing is beau­ti­ful com­pared to hideous Win­dows Cleartype. I’m a lit­tle con­cerned that Opera ren­ders shad­ows dark­er (I think Oper­a’s in the right) but it’s sure to be evened out (and may be relat­ed to the font ren­der­ing anyway).

The page is doc­u­ment­ed (both code and inline) with break­downs of how exist­ing browsers behave and ref­er­ences to bug reports. Bug report links for Opera and Webkit are lack­ing, but it’s a start. If you find any­thing wrong, let me know.

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