November 25, 2009


From Angli­can Church wants school tri­al of ethics class­es scrapped:

Bish­op Davis said allow­ing a sec­u­lar organ­i­sa­tion to deliv­er its pro­gram at the same time as the cur­rent reli­gious teach­ings set a “dan­ger­ous prece­dent” if oth­er groups want­ed access to students.

Trans­la­tion: It’s ok to brain­wash stu­dents with their par­ents’ per­mis­sion if you’re a reli­gious organ­i­sa­tion, but not if you’re secular.

I won­der what the Angli­can Church’s reac­tion would be if the Sci­en­tol­ogy brigade gained access in that reli­gious time slot?

Tri­alling spe­cial ethics class­es was also a vote of “no con­fi­dence” in teach­ers, he said. Bish­op Davis said the Gov­ern­ment should realise that val­ues of truth and hon­esty were mod­elled each day by teach­ers in the class room.

“Is there such an eth­i­cal hole in the cur­rent sys­tem?” Bish­op Davis said.

Trans­la­tion: Hel­lo chil­dren how are you? All the truth are belong to us.

Is Bish­op Davis say­ing that reli­gious class­es don’t need to cov­er ethics or hon­esty? See, I can dou­ble­s­peak too. After remov­ing ethics, morals, truth and hon­esty from reli­gion we’re left with a fan­ci­ful sto­ry of a man who heard voic­es in his head and believed him­self God.

“If so, then teach it as a part of the cur­ricu­lum rather than allow­ing a non-reli­gious group to enter the realm of the spe­cial reli­gious edu­ca­tion system.”

My trans­la­tion: step off our turf.

I’d like to know what the ‘spe­cial reli­gious edu­ca­tion sys­tem’ entails, because it sounds par­tic­u­lar­ly nasty.

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