December 19, 2009

Important words for a limited audience

hel­lothere­bun­ny says:

i think she falls in love with any liv­ing thing that gives her a bit of atten­tion, get her a dog, that should be enough ¬¬

astro­la­try says:

Fuck you Chris­t­ian! JUDITH IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. You can­not con­vince me this sub­sti­tute is bet­ter than JUDITH.

Yoby111 says:

Back off, harpy!

thanatos101b says:

[…] Olivia was a bet­ter friend to Christian.

mit­saso says:

thank God that rock was there to cush­ion Rebec­ca­’s fall :P

MrO­liv­er­Rich says:

press­ing 6:41 over and over is amusing

ftlaud­carl says:

I am very wor­ried about the horse.

2glassgirl2 says:

I just noticed–are Chris­tian’s pants made of vel­vet? Some­one give that wardrobe girl/gay a raise.

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