August 16, 2011

And these people run political parties

From News.com.au’s Gay mar­riage should be ridiculed, says Inde­pen­dent Bob Kat­ter:

Nation­als Sen­ate leader Barn­a­by Joyce said his four daugh­ters would be affect­ed if same sex mar­riage was allowed.

“We know that the best pro­tec­tion for those girls is that they get them­selves into a secure rela­tion­ship with a lov­ing hus­band and I want that to hap­pen for them.

“I don’t want any leg­is­la­tor to take that right away from me.” 

Lol Kitten doesn't understand your logic. What?

You don’t have to sup­port gay mar­riage or those pink com­mie les­bo lib­er­als (who hate this coun­try and/or want to con­vert our chil­dren, etc) to see that this state­ment makes no sense whatsoever.

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