April 2, 2007

Slight accessibility rant

I’m at TAFE right now, and we’ve just reviewed a non-accessible website demonstration at DRC. Out of the three examples, I think the mouse one is probably the most eye-opening; even though I’ve seen people with arthritis and Parkinsons I’ve never made the connection to how hard it would be to use the mouse accurately. I suppose there’s drivers out there that smooth mouse input, but that’s not the point.

The low-contrast demonstration website is horribly difficult to read when a basic blur is applied, reminding me that it’s time to boost the contrast of my own blog’s text.

People with a screen-reader really suffer the worst. I haven’t ever gotten around to playing with screen-reader software, though for the last few years I’ve been acutely aware of the issues presented by tables and images without alts. The bad old days of tables are thankfully gone, but there’s still a large number of developers finding other invisible potholes to put in their code.

posted by Andrew