July 20, 2008

Browser-safe font list

I’ve used the Amp­soft font list so many times and it’s about time I linked to it. Thank you Alber­to. Even if the @font-face fea­ture becomes avail­able in every brows­er soon we’ll still need resources like this for years to come because of compatibility.

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July 15, 2008

IE8 location.hash

The com­ments here are gold.

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Firefox 3 history database speed

Of the few things I dis­like about Fire­fox 3, the his­to­ry man­ag­er (Places Library) is the worst. The UI fre­quent­ly paus­es for sec­onds at a time when mov­ing up and down the list, delet­ing mul­ti­ple entries from the data­base is painful­ly slow and there’s no progress bar. If an action blocks the UI for long enough a dia­log appears ask­ing whether you want to kill the cur­rent script (includ­ing an inter­nal path­name and line num­ber!). It’s not user-friend­ly and I don’t have a clue what state that’d leave the app in, so I hes­i­tate to do it.

I had a hunch that the Places data­base was respon­si­ble for at least part of the slow­ness, along with my slow start-up times and occa­sion­al UI paus­es when typ­ing in the address bar. So I went in search of a way to opti­mise the DB or fail­ing that cir­cum­vent the Library UI and remove rows manually.

I ran over a com­ment by ‘olaf675’ about using the SQLite Man­ag­er addon for FF3 to Com­pact the Places data­base. This worked a charm, reduc­ing my places.sqlite file from 26MB to 13MB with no appar­ent issues after two restarts. This took about ~10 sec­onds of processing.

I stepped into the Library again and removed ran­dom crap from his­to­ry such as any­thing end­ing in .jpg, Flickr pho­to pages (flickr.com/photos) and Google search­es (google.com/search). This totaled just over 6000 entries. Then any­thing over 4 months old bit the dust (~1250). At this point remov­ing large num­bers of entries was a lot faster. The Library is still not hang-free but it’s a real improve­ment. Hope­ful­ly the Places UI work in FF3.1 will reduce freezes and pro­vide progress feedback.

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July 14, 2008

Firefox wallpapers

Firefox 3 wallpaper
Beau­ti­ful Fire­fox-themed wall­pa­pers col­lect­ed by the folks at Hongkiat.

If you plan on doing some­thing pub­lic with these, be aware that each image is licensed individually.

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Quote of the day

“You can pur­chase any­thing off the Inter­net except com­mon sense,” Har­ri­son said. “A ven­omous snake isn’t a pet. You don’t play with it. If you do, you’re an idiot.”

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July 10, 2008

Logo stuff

CRG logos
Final­ly got around to adding the CRG logo designs to my port­fo­lio. I did these mid-May in con­junc­tion with 3 Gen Cre­ations, and hope­ful­ly the CRG web­site will be alive soon too.

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