June 19, 2008

Work page rebuilt & another demo

Work Page overviewTest Design 26

I’ve been longing to fix my portfolio page for over a year. It needed loving. So I got around to it, and put another test/demo site together as well.

The portfolio feels a lot more “client oriented” now, with direct statement, bullet points, ignorable prose text and a lighter, more inviting colour scheme. The image previews have been enlarged and descriptions trimmed. I’m still thinking of ways to reduce the redundant standards/accessibility statement after each description.

There’s more work to be included, including logos I created for a company launching soon. Those should be up within the next week.

Test Design 26 is a demo I built in a few hours. I’d been looking through some old, unused designs and figured I might play with a border style in Photoshop. Then I got distracted with making a non-standard footer to cap the content. Then a large nav, a bit of colour and style polish for Webkit and Opera.

Feedback on either is always appreciated. :)

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Great quote from The Chicago Sun Times on how the conservative media is portraying Michelle Obama as angry and bitter:

Successful black women don’t have to walk around grinning all the time to assure white people that they are happy they aren’t on food stamps.

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June 4, 2008

Bits and pieces, Sans & Serif

Sans <span class="amp">&</span> Serif Test Page

Just a couple of little things:

  • A friend mentioned my gallery was busted, so I finally fixed it
  • I built another test page (Sans & Serif) linked to from my work page

Before any French speakers come after me with flaming pitchforks, yes, I’m aware that name doesn’t make grammatical sense. :)

Feedback on the design is welcome, and as usual, greatly appreciated. I still have to find the perfect image to balance the right-hand side.

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