July 7, 2009


It takes only a brief skim through the comments on Zeldman’s XHTML2 death post to realise just how many people have absolutely no idea what’s been going on in their industry for years. Or why they even started coding to a particular standard in the first place. Or why they continue to do so.

Pragmatism be damned it seems; better to act Chicken Little and bemoan the death of something they’ll never use whilst parroting inaccurate FUD about HTML5 than to do a bloody Google search and read the first line of the first result. XHTML continues on in HTML5’s XML serialisation (skip to Document Representation), with all the feature benefits of the ‘classic’ serialisation that apparently causes the immediate heat-death of the universe if used.

You’re free to keep using XHTML and include whatever talismans make you sleep well at night. Copy/paste every shred of metadata markup you can find that regular surfers won’t see and search engines will largely ignore. Excessive use of the latest W3C XML spec for marking up individual characters will ensure your page is absolutely perfect. Meanwhile…

What did we actually gain from XHTML?

posted by Andrew