June 28, 2010

Julia’s ‘reshuffle’

My God, the comments here are full of win:

DG says:

Conroy stays on as communications minister? Labor has lost my vote.

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June 20, 2010


Are you a public service figure advocating Internet Filtering? Hold your horses! Before you rush off on a never-ending quest to save the children from stuff they’re not looking at we require you first study in the following fields:

Failing that, maybe you should, you know, ask some people who have studied in those fields for some input. They may give you a hint on whether your grand plan is achievable. A tip for the wise: try gathering this before spending millions of dollars on development. Additional tip: try listening to feedback.

With professional feedback in hand you may unintentionally/unfortunately discover that many technical and/or logical problems have surfaced, including the issue that the protocol you’re filtering (the web) doesn’t actually contain much of what it is you’re intending to filter out (child pornography). While this may present a challenge technically, it won’t really make a difference! The children will still be saved from something, so don’t let it affect your quality marketing message.

Now that you’ve got an idea of the almost-perpendicular uphill technical battle you face you may like to softly lay your previous plans down and back away slowly. If you fail to make the clever choice that would result in not implementing a system with a one-thousandth percent success rate at actually protecting a child from something they’re not doing, at least you’ll know what you’re talking about instead of blowing large gaseous clouds of moral fibre where precise technical discussion is required.

posted by Andrew