December 30, 2009

German verb battles, circa 2009

Dear World,

How did the German verb sein end up so whacked?

Yours sincerely,

   - Andy

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December 27, 2009


Great article from The New Civil Rights Movement.

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December 19, 2009

Important words for a limited audience

hellotherebunny says:

i think she falls in love with any living thing that gives her a bit of attention, get her a dog, that should be enough ¬¬

astrolatry says:

Fuck you Christian! JUDITH IS YOUR BEST FRIEND. You cannot convince me this substitute is better than JUDITH.

Yoby111 says:

Back off, harpy!

thanatos101b says:

[…] Olivia was a better friend to Christian.

mitsaso says:

thank God that rock was there to cushion Rebecca’s fall :P

MrOliverRich says:

pressing 6:41 over and over is amusing

ftlaudcarl says:

I am very worried about the horse.

2glassgirl2 says:

I just noticed—are Christian’s pants made of velvet? Someone give that wardrobe girl/gay a raise.

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December 5, 2009

Just a quick note

I have to remember that when I visit a Zeldman post not to read the comments because most of them drive me insane. Notes to future commenters:

  • XHTML is no more ‘semantic’ than HTML4. You were just doing it wrong.
  • Standards mode is triggerable by a HTML4 Strict doctype.
  • HTML5 is not the death of XHTML (Wikipedia entry, third sentence).
  • HTML5 has a more semantic vocabulary than unextended XHTML, not the other way around.
  • XHTML’s major benefits — stricter syntax and namespace–based extensibility — are available in HTML5’s XML serialisation.
  • You’re free to continue to ignore the draconian yellow screen of death issues by serving content in violation of spec.

I’m sure Zeldman is sick of hearing you parrot his words inaccurately. Much of the commenting is two or three knowledgeable people trying to correct someone’s frothing, misinformed or even malign post. The benefit of this opportunity for reeducation is offset by the amount of crap one must wade through to find valid information.


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