March 22, 2006

New website not almost finished at all

I’ve been up all night play­ing around with code and themes.. and I’m not hap­py with either the log or the new Gallery 2 install I’ve got. Both are visu­al issues, and I’m just going to ignore the users page for now since there aren’t many users any­more and it’s next on the re-design board.
I sup­pose the quick and hacky relaunch was a bad idea, but at least I’m hap­py with the work page. Most­ly. I do need some­thing oth­er than the big red jpeg-arti­fact for a background.

I haven’t men­tioned that I’ve added my old blog­ging crap to the “oth­er stuff” link to the right. All my embarass­ing Blog­ger posts are there, albeit in one mono­lith­ic page I’ll have to re-order and slice up lat­er on. I had a very bad time try­ing to con­vert the posts since Blog­ger’s site would­n’t upload to the same FTP it was using hap­pi­ly for 2 years, and the HTML it has gen­er­at­ed was trag­ic. Twin br’s for para­graph breaks and then strange­ly lots of br’s fol­lowed by the XHTML clos­ing slash. I’m not respon­si­ble for that.

Over the next few days expect the site to be a lit­tle tem­pera­men­tal. I’ll be hack­ing the hell out of both the log and the gallery. Don’t be alarmed if sud­den­ly there’s bor­ders and out­lines every­where. I promise most of them will go away.

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March 20, 2006

New website basically finished

I’ve been slow­ly work­ing through get­ting the new web­site up, and trans­ferred the new pages into place. There’s a few things to fix yet, such as the gallery theme and a few more fix­es for the log. The work page is as done as it’s gun­na get for a week or so, since sift­ing through old CDs is both time con­sum­ing and distracting.

Redis­cov­ered Qwantz.com’s Dinosaur Comics tonight, and Alien Loves Preda­tor. One day I’ll do the same for Slug­gy Free­lance.

I’ve got the flu and I’m sit­ting at the com­put­er not feel­ing entire­ly sta­ble, not over­ly hun­gry, and like I’ve had enough 30 Sec­onds to Mars for a while. Help! I’m run­ning out of music, and that means I’ve got to lis­ten to some awful radio sta­tion to find some­thing else.

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March 17, 2006

First post! (eg. who the hell am I)

Howdy all. For those rare return­ing vis­i­tors of xhva.net, wel­come back. I hope to add con­tent more con­sis­tent­ly with this re-launch. Last time it petered off after I met my oth­er half. To the new­com­ers, wel­come to the intro­duc­tion. I’m Andrew. On the old xhva.net, I had a page called “sim­ple”, its con­tent entire­ly ded­i­cat­ed to that exact pur­pose. I haven’t changed much in three years and it’s most­ly still appro­pri­ate. Note the use of Tool lyrics des­ig­nat­ing entry and exit-wounds. At the time I thought it was cool, in a moron­ic kind of way. You can read said qua­si-bull­shit here.

A few things have changed since that doc­u­ment was writ­ten: I’m now hap­pi­ly involved and my favourite song does­n’t involve a scream­ing female 80’s singer. A Per­fect Cir­cle and Evanes­cence have been added as favourite artists. My intense love for all things Tolkien has calmed. World of War­craft has tak­en a few months of my life, before it killed itself in a cloud of bor­ing quests. I’ve been spend­ing time with PHP and Javascript, push­ing Fire­fox onto every­one I know, and mak­ing the stan­dards-com­pli­ant web­sites that shame the old xhva.net. I’m still con­tactable at xhva@gmx.net. I’m work­ing on the ‘work’ sec­tion of the web­site right now.. I’m sort­ing through a lot of stuff. There’s old site designs that need updat­ing from table-rid­den mess to stan­dards-com­pli­ant. God, I’ve got web­sites that rec­om­mend IE4, but those can be left out I think..

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